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Our firm offers services a variety of areas. We are available in our office at Santee or in Ridgeville, South Carolina.

Personal Injury Law

Unfortunately, many of us will experience an automobile accident or truck collision in which we or our loved ones are injured. When you are injured in an accident, we help you receive the compensation you’re entitled to for the damages you suffer. We handle all cases in house. We limit the number of cases we accept to be certain you have our full attention. We also provide representation to you and family members who have been bitten by a dog. Dog bites are dangerous and can leave disfiguring scars. Our legal staff helps you so that you or your loved one gets the medical treatment and financial compensation required to remediate your pain and suffering.

If you were injured while in a store, or public location, our office seeks fair damages and compensation for you or your family. When negligence is a factor in the situation, we make certain that those who contributed to it play a part in making your whole.

Many personal injury cases are able to be settled without going to trial. However, if we need to go to trial will not hesitate to do so in order that you are able to gain all the compensation which the law allows. Call us to discuss your situation.

Workers’ Compensation Law

If you’re injured on the job or a family member was killed while at work, the state of South Carolina has established an administrative legal process to make sure you, your family and dependents get the care and compensation required to help you recover from your accident. The Workers’ Comp system also helps make sure you are provided an income while you are hurt and can’t work and provides financial support to your dependents following your death.

Because this is a complex system, representation requires an attorney who understands the regulations and laws. If you’ve been hurt on the job, we’ll provide representation to prove your injury, file the right documents required by the state Workers’ Compensation Commission, and get you the benefits you are legally entitled to and deserve. Contact us about your work related injury.

Criminal Defense

In our legal system every person has the right to the due process of law. This means every person is considered innocent before the law. It is the prosecutor’s duty to convince a judge or jury of guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

Being charged with a crime is serious business and requires that you have someone on your side who understands the law and how best to stand beside you and prepare you for your day in court.

Our office represents those who have been charged with crimes. We make sure all evidence is admissible and that your defense is built on proving your innocence. Contact us about your charges.

Civil Litigation

Civil litigation covers all types of situations when someone wrongs you and it’s not a criminal action. When people have business or real property disagreements, when contracts are broken or when something you’ve purchased is not what you expected it to be, you have a right to seek damages or compensation through the legal system.

Our firm represents you when you need to settle a business matter or dispute, need to clear the title of a piece of property, or need to bring an action related to a construction project. There are hundreds of reasons in which you may ask the court to determine how someone who has violated an agreement and declare how they must provide satisfaction to you.

We will file a complaint, prepare your case for trial or mediation and help you recover what is due you. Contact us about filing litigation.

Family Law

Our practice serves a wide variety of legal needs of our clients. We provide Family Law consultation and representation to our existing clients in the matters of divorce, child custody, separate support and maintenance, adoption, and actions related to enforcement of existing family court decisions.

While not the main focus of our areas of practice, we provide this service to our existing clients and their families and friends. Talk with us about your situation.

Social Security Disability Hearings

For more than 20 years we have helped people who have become disabled prepare their cases for hearings in order that they may establish their status of disability with the Federal Social Security Administration.

We’ll make sure your file is complete and in order as required by SSA regulations and prepare you for your hearing, focusing on your testimony. We’ll make your presentation to the judge and guide you with regard to the Social Security system. Consult us regarding your social security disability filing.

Processing Life Insurance Claims

Did your loved one purchase a life insurance policy to provide for you and your family upon their death? When they died and when you requested your benefits, was your claim denied? Life insurance companies deny claims more frequently than you would expect.

Insurance companies may state someone didn’t fully disclose their medical history and refuse your claim for benefits. They may say your loved one, “allegedly concealed” their medical conditions or physical ailments when your loved one never did that.

Our office works for you so that you receive the benefits to which you are entitled. We’ve helped many people who had lost hope of receiving the money their loved one expected them to have. Consult us regarding your denied claim.

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