W. Scott Palmer

Located in Santee, South Carolina, our firm serves the legal needs of individuals across our state and the southeast. Our practice is one built on personal relationships. Since 1988 we’ve provided individual legal consultation to citizens from all walks of life.

Our practice emphasizes the personal nature of answering your legal questions and providing legal consultation. My staff and I have time to talk with you. To represent you. To answer your questions.

Our clients are often referrals from friends and family of previous clients. We’ve built our practice on trust and respect. Attorneys in other parts of the state or region frequently consult and refer cases to me.

I know of no more noble profession than the law. The object aimed at is justice, equal and exact, and if it does not reach that end at once it is because the stream is diverted by selfishness or checked by ignorance. Its principles ennoble and its practice elevates. Wm. Jennings Bryan 

Personal Injury

Representing you in matters related to auto accidents, truck accidents, dog bites, and premises liability. More

Criminal Defense

Providing legal counsel in criminal matters, making certain you receive your Due Process of Law. More

Civil Litigation

We provide legal representation in business disputes, contract cases, clearing property titles, heirs’ property. More